DIY Gardening
DIY Gardening
Five-Gallon Bucket and Gardening

There is much talk about what soil conditioner your garden needs best: Sphagnum peat mouse or coconut coir? The debate is about sustainability. Another is efficiency.

DIY Gardening
Gardening Tips
Gardening: Strawberry Growing Instructions

In addition to selecting a place for your strawberry patch, preparing the soil so that it is well-drained, and deciding on the type of row technique and cultivar to employ.

DIY Gardening
Environmental Issues
Climate change action is less expensive than inactivity

Richard Tol, the IPCC coordinating lead author on the economics of climate change, has participated in many studies on policies to combat climate change.

DIY Gardening
Biodiversity loss and extinction

Although human activity has long been known about the value of biodiversity, it has caused massive extinctions.

DIY Gardening
How to Select a Bag for Hiking

A bag that fulfils all demands of a multi-day tour and is of high quality and at the same time inexpensive does not exist. Therefore: We help you find your ideal bag for hiking and more!

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Environmental Issues


Global Dimming

The BBC broadcast its well-known Horizon documentary every week on 15 January 2005. This was about a hazardous global dimming phenomenon. Fossil fuel use produces two impacts. 

Justice and Fairness in The Climate Debate

The debate over climate change is usually seen as a conflict between “believers” and “deniers.” Belief in human-driven global warming can be natural since much evidence supports the hypothesis that humans are changing the planet’s climate. However, there is also an element of fairness: it seems like common sense to say that people should not...

Coral Reefs: Environment Issue

Environmental and human value ecosystems: coral reefs  Coral reefs span more than 280,000 square kilometers and host tens of thousands of species in what many call rainforests. Coral reefs are in many ways beneficial to the environment and humanity. They, for instance,



1999 Protocol on Biosafety

The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety is an international treaty that seeks to protect biological diversity from the potential risks posed by living modified organisms (LMOs) resulting from modern biotechnology. It was adopted in January 2000 and entered into force in September 2003.

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Gardening Tips

Herb Guide: A guideline for the cultivation of Basil – a traditional herb

With these stunning plants, add a little zest to your cuisine! Home gardeners make Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) for its sweet taste and lovely scent from seed. Basil is highly popular and available in many delicious species, all of which offer distinct taste and scent to gardens and borders.