Global Dimming

Global Dimming


The BBC broadcast its well-known Horizon documentary every week on 15 January 2005. This was about a hazardous global dimming phenomenon.

Fossil fuel use produces two impacts. 

Two impacts of the production of fossil fuel are:

  • Greenhouse gases that warm the world
  • By-products of the globally dimming pollutants


What’s fading worldwide? 

Other by-products are the usage of fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gases. Sulfur dioxide, soot, and ash are additional contaminants of these by-products. However, these contaminants also affect the clouds’ characteristics.

Clouds are created when airborne particles such as pollen spawn water droplets. Clouds with higher droplets than unpolluted clouds lead to contaminated air. Then these clouds become more reflective. This reflects more of the heat and energy of the sun into space.

This heat decrease to the Earth is called Global Dimming.


Global dimming impacts: millions already murdered? 

Global warming is due, among other things, to the greenhouse effect created by excessive amounts of fossil fuel in the world’s atmosphere. The other by-products causing global dimming may therefore seem to be an ironic rescuer.

However, a more detailed examination of this indicates that this is not the case regrettably.


Environmental and health consequences 

The environmental and human difficulties are caused by pollutants that cause global dimming, such as smog, breathing problems, and rain.

However, the consequences of global dimming can be disastrous.


In the 70s and 80s, millions of families from the Sahel 

The mortality toll already inflicted by global dimming is considered to be huge.

The climate researchers think that heat reflection has made water colder in the northern hemisphere. This resulted in lower rainfall in critical places and significant precipitation in North Africa, not crossing the Sahel.

Mass starvation in the 1970s and 1980s was caused by failing rains which climate scientists never fully comprehended.

The responses provided by global dimming models, the program found, led to a frightening conclusion: what came out of our exhaust pipes and power plants [of Europe and North America] contributed to the deaths of a million people in Africa and hunger, and famine plagued another 50 million.


Billions are expected to have comparable impacts in Asia. 

Scientists have stated that the impact of global dimming may reach billions rather than millions. Half the world’s population gets plunged from the Asian monsoons. Some 3 billion people might be damaged by air pollution and global dimming in Asian monsoons.

In addition to the consumption of fossil fuels, contrails are another source. 

Another major cause of heat reflection was the centerpieces (the vapor from aircraft flying high up in the sky).

Next, the terrorist attacks in the United States on 11 September 2001, all commercial planes had grounded for the following three days.

This allowed climate scientists to examine the climatic influence when no contrails or heat reflections were present.

The investigators observed that throughout that period of 3 days, the temperature climbed by around 1-degree centigrade.