How to Select a Bag for Hiking

How to Select a Bag for Hiking


A bag that fulfils all demands of a multi-day tour and is of high quality and at the same time inexpensive does not exist. Therefore: We help you find your ideal bag for hiking and more!

The requirements for a hiking or multi-day tour are on one hand simple, but on the other hand also very complex. Involved in the decision process is health and fitness, age and body structure and on top of all: how much money we want to invest in a bag!

Most important: It does not matter which manufacturer or label an outdoor bag has; What matters is having the right equipment for you! Even with the same brand, the products have different qualities – so take a look at your personal requirements and needs! The following guide will provide you tips for choosing a hiking backpacking or multi-day bag.

1. Personal fitness, age and body structure

The fitness, age and basic physical properties of a person define how big a backpack is needed for a hike. Newcomers to hiking should first check their physical fitness before buying a bag. To do this, simply walk with the current backpack you have at home for 30 minutes. If it is possible without having to catch your breath or panting, then soon you will be ready for the next step!

If you are already physically active and are used to walk long distances, then your age will be less important. If you are not yet physically active and can still manage to walk without panting, it is better to focus on an adjustable hip belt! This ensures that the weight is distributed over the body including hips and thighs which reduces pressure on the spine. But be aware: Don’t use an adjustable hip belt to compensate for a lack of fitness by adjusting the bag too low!

The most important factor that should not be ignored is your body structure. You should take into consideration whether you are broad-shouldered, long-armed or if you have an athletic build. Usually, an average person will just need a regular adjustable back pack with hip belt.

If you are very athletic, it is recommendable to have a backpack with an adjustable back system which can be precisely adjusted. Also, the shoulder straps should be as flexible as possible so that they can adapt to your body type! Further factors include if you are really large or small, but these things usually go along with being overweight or underweight.

2. What is the ideal length of a hiking trip?

This question can only be answered in conjunction with another! How long do you plan on hiking at one time? The longer the hike, the more requirements will be placed on your backpack! But even if it’s just an afternoon hike, you should still carry enough food and water with you.

3. What is the terrain like?

The type of terrain should be defined as precisely as possible: Does it consist of rocks, sand or snow? How much climbing and descending will there be and how long will the hike take you? These numbers determine the length of your trip; So if you know that a segment has 1500 meters of positive elevation, then you should consider buying a backpack with a rigid back support since there will be constant pressure on your spine.